Gone Camping Co's Beginnings

I think I had a “Mary Poppins” view of what camping would be like with small children. You know, the family all holding hands, laughing, joyful as they run up the hill to take a lungful of fresh, clean air before pausing to smile at each other lovingly. For all of you rolling around laughing, I know – what was I thinking?!? In reality, our first camping experience with our then 16 month old toddler, consisted of sleeping on an uncomfortable bed that was flat by the morning, a miserably cramped living space that was woefully inadequate for the long rainy periods and me retrieving my tiny terror every 5 minutes from anyone else’s tent that had better toys, more space, etc. I was not an immediate convert. However, I was also not rich and therefore needed cheap holidays so as our family grew, we persevered and grew to love camping.

I realised that many other families were unsure about camping. Some felt overwhelmed with the amount of "stuff" needed, many felt inadequate and that they'd simply not be able to get their tent up! So, the idea of Gone Camping Co was born.

Experience has made us infinitely wiser when it comes to creating truly memorable camping trips. I still haven’t experienced that Mary Poppins moment, but to be honest, I don’t want to any more. Real life camping trips provide so much more: As a family you grow and learn, experience adventure, fun, overcome challenges but most importantly, make amazing memories.

Here at Gone Camping Co, we want to make other parents’ lives just that bit easier when it comes to planning your camping trip. You can learn from some of our (often expensive) mistakes rather than making your own and we will signpost you to fantastic campsites and products that help to make your experience easier, more comfortable and fun.

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