Caravan and Camping Shows – Spring 2020

It’s coming isn’t it?

“What?” I hear you ask. Well…camping season of course!

I know, I know…the weather is still doing its crazy British thing, but it really won’t be long and I, for one, cannot wait for our next family adventure.

Before the season gets started, it is a great time to check last year’s equipment: make sure it is all in working order, repair and replace as necessary. If you want to check out the new products and innovations on the market before committing to buying, then you could pop along to one of the caravan and camping shows up and down the country. These are great opportunities to have a good look at products you have heard about, to test things out, find a good deal, stock up on items or just dribble over the amazing things you could buy after you’ve won the lottery (a favourite pastime).

Whatever your budget, caravan and camping shows certainly get you thinking about the summer ahead and we’ve put a list together of a few shows that are on over the next few weeks that might just be worth a visit:

16th February – DubFreeze, Stafford


18th-23rd February – Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show, NEC Birmingham


7th – 8th March, Camping World, Horsham, West Sussex

Camping World

20th – 22nd March – The Yorkshire Motorhome and Accessory Show, Great Yorkshire Showground

Yorkshire Motorhome and Accessory Show

9th – 13th April – Camperfest, Chester


17th – 19th April – The National Motorhome and Campervan Show, East of England Showground, Peterborough

National Motorhome and Campervan Show

24th – 26th April – Caravan and Motorhome Show, New Forest Showground

Caravan and Motorhome Show

Now, some of you might find the idea of going to a camping show too “peopley” but still feel the need to go shopping. I must tell you that I stay away from ‘normal’ shops like the plague but there is one type of shop that I am irresistibly drawn to… the beauty that is a camping shop (jumps up and down with excitement!) One place that is full of proper camping knowledge and an amazing range of products is the wonderful family-run World of Camping in Cornwall.

They really know their stuff and can help to find you the right product for your budget. If that’s a bit far to go, they also have a website with plenty of offers available for different products. Check them out here: World of Camping.

Outdoor Revolution – Premium Air Framed Tents

Outdoor Revolution’s range of premium air framed tents make family camping as enjoyable and stress-free as possible thanks to their high-quality manufacturing, luxury fabrics and their exclusive Oxygen Air Frame.

Outdoor Revolution’s Oxygen Air Frame is not only the easiest and most efficient system to use, but the most dependable, as it eradicates any issues of over inflation. It incorporates the Dynamic Speed Valve and the patented Intelligent Frame Relief Valve. Inflation is an incredibly fast process with the dual action pump provided, and deflation is simply just a push of the self-retaining button. They are the only awning manufacturer to use the Relief Valve; which prevents damage to the tube by expelling any excess air, which can be caused by either over inflation, or increases in the ambient temperature. The valves are discretely concealed by a Velcro cover, making the Oxygen Air Frame incredibly neat.

Speed is of the essence when erecting an Outdoor Revolution air framed tent. Their largest tent – the Airedale 12 – inflates in around 5 minutes. Once inflated, campers simply need to peg out and tension the guylines (all of which are included with the tent) and then the holiday can begin!

The extremely spacious Airedale 12

Outdoor Revolution’s 2018 range of air framed tents cover an assortment of styles, budgets and sizes – making sure that there’s a tent out there for everyone, whatever their needs.

The Airedale 6 is Outdoor Revolution’s best-selling family tent, with flexible bedroom compartments, large living space and a versatile porch area, its easy to see why! New for 2018, the integrated windowed front door improves the versatility of the entire living area; instantly giving the ability to create additional internal space, with a superb view of the outside world, or an excellent porch area on warmer days. It’s 150 High Density Fabric and is lightweight, yet robust products; allowing a smaller pack size, when folded.

Airedale 6

For those venturing into hotter climates, the Airedale 6 Pro Climate is preferred tent of choice. It’s exclusive, breathable Pro Climate fabric; has the look, feel and breathability of natural fibres and the strength and durability of man-made material. These qualities make the Airedale 6 Pro Climate ideally suited for summer breaks in warmer climes, where breathability and optimum comfort is a prerequisite, as the fabric reduces interior humidity and condensation.

Airedale 6 Pro Climate

As well as this fantastic range of good quality air framed tents, Outdoor Revolution also provide a range of camping furniture and equipment to help make your camping trip just that bit more comfortable and organised. Check out their range here: Outdoor Revolution